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Renovation and Home Design

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The process:

The Right People for the Job

Each project is individually attended to by a Senior Designer on an hourly consult rate for individuals or potentially a job rate for commercial clients.  We are able to share our trade discounts with our clients. This percentage (%) can vary but the savings really add up; in fact, the discounts can significantly offset design fees.   Fees are outlined at the outset of each project.

Start Early

The best results can come from a blank canvas, so it’s never too soon to begin.  With your Interior Designer at the meeting with your architect and contractor from the very beginning is the surest and safest way to building the best result and we can help there too.  Colour Confidence Interiors has partnered with many architects and builders over the years and has gathered years of experience in assisting clients.


Colour Confidence Interiors offers a two hour in home consultation within Melbourne*.  This service is intended to provide the ‘hands-on’ homeowner with all the information and ideas necessary to execute their own project.  It’s a great way to extract some of the tips and tricks a Professional Interior Designer can accumulate over the years and get inspired to be your own decorator.  Think of this as a two hour crash course in décor delivered one on one in your own home.     

We also provide shopping experiences; book either a half or full day outing to your Designers’ favourite haunts.

* Additional fee to travel outside of Melbourne Metro may apply, please supply your address for a quote.

your 5 easy steps:

1. Inspiration

Find pictures and samples of what you like (no matter how outrageous).   Include fabric samples, magazine pictures, paint colours or any other material that inspires you.   Collect and save these in one file so it’s always handy.

We encourage our clients to take ownership of their own project.”


Our first appointment is very important as this allows us to meet you and see what you need, want, like or dislike. Face to face is important to determine who you are and how you live.  

We will tour your house and review your file or pictures of design ideas.  It’s here that we establish the 'brief' which will guide us along the way.

“We take time to listen to you, to review your unique home & lifestyle then create your individual Consultation Report.” 

3. Budget

This is critical as the amount you wish to spend will determine how big the project becomes.  Budget is determined by how much renovation work is required and how much furniture and accessories are needed. If structural works are also required, then this must be considered in the budget before any décor selections.

“Good Design is not about how much you spend, it’s about the choices you make.”

4. Choice

You can choose whether you want to have us as Design Consultants or only where we provide you suggestions on colour and material options and offer a list of places to shop.

This is for those who like to ‘do it themselves’. Alternatively, you can choose to have us do everything for you, with your guidance.  Or choose to have us do a few items and you handle the rest. The choice is yours.

“With attention to space, style and function we make your home or workspace look fabulous.”


When we know what has to be done, it’s time for you to commit the time and money to finish the space to your Selections.  Remember, projects will take the time they require.

We will do our best to speed up the process but it will all happen in fair time. It generally takes 8 – 10 weeks for furniture, drapes and materials to be installed. Custom cabinetry and fixtures can take up to 12 weeks.

Accessorising will take approximately 4 weeks.

“We want all our clients to be 100% satisfied and be confident in referring us to their friends and family.”