Why I Design Bespoke Furniture


Every house is unique. In fact, the differences are often what make a home feel like a home. As an interior designer, giving my clients something bespoke that can create a homely feeling is important to me - especially when it comes to one of a kind pieces of furniture.

First and foremost I am an interior designer, but I’m also an artist! I’ve dabbled in jewellery making, painting and evening woodwork. So when it came to creating custom furniture, it was a natural extension to my work and my hobbies.

When creating custom furniture I always take into account the space I’m working in as well as my clients’ taste. Add to that my personal artistic flair and the result is a bespoke, custom-made piece of furniture that my clients will be able to treasure forever.

If you’re interested in my design process or commissioning a piece for your own home, leave a comment below or send me an email!