We have used Colour Confidence a number of times now. Every time the service provided was invaluable in adding value to our homes and getting our colour choices right - the first time! In the past we have fumbled through costly colour choices and interior decisions only to find that we made some choices that just didn’t work.
Michelle really listened to what it was we were trying to achieve and then provided cost effective ways to decorate - and the end result was really fabulous.

The second home we were renovating for investment turned out to be a very stressful time for our family. The building report failed to identify a lot of costly work that had to be done before we could present the home for good tenants. I called Colour Confidence after the wonderful job they did with our first home in Williamstown, only this time I was in a terrible state. I was trying to renovate with three young children at my feet and renovation costs blowing our budget out completely. Colour Confidence came in with all their contacts and brilliant advice and really gave me peace of mind that I was making the right decisions about colours etc. They were really supportive during a very stressful time, and even called back to the house that I was renovating and dropped drinks off for my children and a little special treat (without my even knowing).

I can't recommend their service enough - they go beyond what is required and really do care. Oh and they are very affordable and actually saved me a ton of money on bad paint/carpet choices.

Thanks again for restoring my faith that not all businesses are about grabbing your money with no care factor.

Budget: > $100, 000